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Best cooler hands down

My husband and I purchased this cooler summer 2023 to do a car camping trip across Canada, from Alberta to Ontario. Best decision we ever made. We didn't have to replace the ice once on our 9-day camping trip out to the Niagra region. Infact some of our food that we didn't end up using was still frozen when we reached our destination. We loved this cooler so much we purchased the smaller one in blue for our drinks, last week. I would highly recommend this cooler.

Love the bundle works great

Pilgrim 30oz

Work on the road all throughout Alberta and my WhiteRock products (cooler/thumblers) are amazing in any weather. I would highly recommend any product that Morgan and his team produce. Support local!

WhiteRock Performance for the win!

Fantastic cooler, its shape is well thought out. Nice and tall to accommodate a couple bags of ice on the bottom with food and drinks loaded on top. Looking forward to years of ice cold drinks camping.

Karin Youssef
Love it!

Cooler arrived perfect timing just in time for my camping trip. It performed great! The ice lasted for days kept everything nice and cold. It looks really nice and it is made well. I love nice not to have my trip revolve around always looking for ice.

multipack lids

AMAZING!!! came with 4 lids instead, my work sells them with the old lids and for 14$ to get 4 different lids 100% worth it!

Kenneth Ross
TRK 78 Citrus Green

Great cooler! Had it in the boat on a weeks long fishing trip and only topped up the ice once (had plenty of ice left over after trip). Great selection of colours.

Pioneer 20 oz Travel Tumbler...

I have to say I love your tumblers better than my Yeti ones...

Joan Cosway-Hayes
One solid cooler!

I ordered this cooler because: it fit perfectly into our van conversion cooler space; it looked well built; it is from a Canadian company; the colours were so appealing. This cooler gets top marks for design and solid build. It is clearly a much better cooler than the main competitor’s cooler that is similar in size. I love that it is so easy to open and that it holds so much stuff. When the warm camping season rolls around I will test it out and see how long our frozen stuff lasts. I have no doubt it will be way better than any other cooler we have owned.


We received this cooler for Christmas 2021. We finally got to use this last weekend for Thanksgiving. We packed up Wednesday, headed to the mountains. It was 25 plus each day we were there and sun hit it for a few hours a day. We came home Monday evening with frozen meat. Incredible!


Oh man I love the pink so much!!! So I had high hopes for this cooler and well.. I was very pleased!!! Ice was still in it by the end of my 3 day festival with +25 degree weather, with moments the sun was beating down on it because we were away doing things.
Just 1 thing is I sure with it would fit in the trunk of my car, just a little too tall but I enjoyed that aspect of it while outside chilling so 🤷‍♀️ It’s not a deal breaker for me I still love it

Eileen Brown
Love the yellow!

I love the yellow. Every time I walk by and see the cooler it makes me smile. My sister in-law got the blue and she loves that colour and it IS nice too. I like that the coolers have straight sides ... much easier to pack. I like the option of having a divider and the basket is great. I remember my folks having a metal cooler with a metal tray in it in which they would put a block of dry ice ... you don’t see that anymore. Anyway, I’m very happy with my cooler, though I haven’t actually tested it out yet. I have also ordered the big one ... thought it might come in handy as a substitute for a root cellar for my taters. Well try anyway come fall.

PIONEER 20oz Travel Tumbler / BLACK

Amazing product

I bought a couple of tumblers they are fantastic keeping my coffee hot all day Whiterock is amazing too deal with I love the experience I have had with them I also bought the middle size cooler from them absolutely incredible product works amazing I would definitely buy another one from them

PIONEER 20oz Travel Tumbler / HARD PINK
Jason Hildebrandt
Pink mug

I really like the mug it’s self but don’t like the lid it comes with I thought it came with a different lid than what I received amazing quality coffee mug

Extremely impressed!

Unbelievably fast shipping and excellent customer service! Im very happy with my purchase. The hat fits comfortable and looks fantastic! Absolutely love the 3D embroidery
Looking forward to more orders! Thanks Whitrock performance gear it was a pleasure dealing with you.😁

Damn comfy hat

1. They look awesome.
2. They've picked a hat brand that actually fits my big dome, so that's awesome.
3. I ordered, and received in 2.5 days!!

Rockstar bevy holder

Works extremely well! Perfect weight and easy clean up.


Very well built! Does as advertised for me

Tyler Berg
Love the color and customer service

Matches the wife's Jeep 🤟🤟

Rena Williams

Durable ,perfect space and beauty color

Shaw Chartrand
Awesome cooler and tumblers

Best cooler and tumblers we have ever bought. Deciding on what to order next!


Love my RED tumbler- highest quality finish and outstanding at holding temp of beverages- hot or cold! Many compliments on the color too ;)

Dana Raffard
Great Cooler

Amazing cooler! kept everything cold for days! Didn't worry about ice ever! Worth the investment if you camp or travel frequently.