Coolers - Care & Use Guide


Follow these easy steps for the best performance!                    

Pre-Chill your cooler!

(Remember, if your cooler is warm and if you don’t pre-chill, it will stay warm; the IceWall-designed insulation is fantastic!!)

Use one or two bags of ice, depending on your cooler box or bag size and design you have - get your cooler temperature down to 'cool to the touch' - and overnight if possible. When satisfied, empty this chilled ice out and begin packing. All food and beverages should have come from your home fridge, cold or preferably frozen, for optimum results.

Filling & Using Your Cooler

With your accessories packed in the cooler first, fill your cooler box or bag with ice. A minimum of 1/3 ice is needed - and for best results, you should try to get 2/3 ice to contents/ratio. 

Fill your cooler as much as you can. You do not want any air space, as when opened, this has to be re-chilled and can lower your ice retention.

(Remember, keep your cooler closed as much as possible. Only open for as long as needed when placing items in or out, as this will reduce the ice retention times)

Pre-Use & Cleaning

Ensure all cooler surfaces inside and out are cleaned before and after each use. Gently clean around the cooler gasket to ensure no food or drink deposits are left. Don’t forget to clean and dry your plug (Store closed with plug inserted)

To prevent stains, ensure the cooler is stored empty, wiped dry between uses and kept closed for storage. 

Use warm water with a mild detergent for general cleaning. Ensure no harsh chemicals or cleaners are used, which may damage or discolour your cooler box or bag.

Extra tips

Keep your cooler closed as much as possible. For example, if you have young children who will access your cooler continuously, consider a separate cooler for food and drinks.

Keep your cooler in a safe and dry location out of the sun when possible. Vehicle temperatures inside can be considerably hotter than outside, affecting your cooler performance.