About Us


It's all about the customer   #WhiteRockNation

Build industrial strength products, outstanding durability, the most modern styling and colour options available, and put the customer first. It's that simple.


Since the two founding partners of WhiteRock began working together in 1997 the baseline for all efforts was to balance client, friends and family.
Getting together out at the cabin for the weekends, or off on last minute vacations, boating, fishing, BBQ’s all while raising our families.

With over 20 years in industrial design and management, we combine that experience so WhiteRock can bring you a completely new and exciting line of cooler, drinkware, performance gear and wearables.


There are comparables ranging from cheap poor quality to the expensive and “what’s the point category”

WhiteRock provide best in class, extremely tough, incredibly durable products, built responsibly overseas. With a range of traditional and new colours to standout from the crowd with the best looking, best priced and true to size products. 


All WhiteRock products are designed and tested right here in CANADA, and with this our philosophy is simple. To be a huge part of your weekend break, your weeklong getaway - or your epic summer vacation.
Our background in industrial design is what provides the edge. We test the products ourselves at the lake, beach and many outdoor activities and sports to ensure they perform. Design is great... but implementing feedback from our friends, family, customers and testers is how we get WhiteRockNation.

See you out there, and welcome to the family.